Heat Shrink & Packaging

Heat shrink and foil vacuum seal packaging. We can handle any project.

IRH is one of the top shrink wrap and foil operations in Utah.

The following services are available
  • Packaging for LTL, TL or ocean container blocking and bracing
  • Heat shrink packaging for weather protection
  • Vacuum Seal packaging for electronic sensitive equipment

  • Gives six-sided strength and protection.
  • Provides more holding strength than either banding or stretch wrapping.
  • Gives your package complete weather free protection.
  • Simplifies package identification and helps reduce pilferage.
  • Allows your package to be covered the way your want it.
  • Environmentally safe and easy to use.
  • No other packaging system can match these advantages.
  • We can use a two-layer system:
  • A blue layer protects from moisture
  • A white layer over the top adds extra protection
  • Eliminates the need to tarp your product when being shipped.

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